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Ways to Donate

Annual Fund

Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s original schools charged no tuition.  Rich and poor alike were welcomed, and the “charity” of benefactors and the donated services of the Brothers funded the schools.  We can no longer offer “free” schools, but Saint Paul’s tuition compares very favorably with other comparable schools.

The Annual Fund is a means by which alumni, parents, friends, businesses and foundations can make a voluntary, tax-deductible gift to the school. A gift to the Saint Paul’s Annual Fund, regardless of the amount, shows commitment to the school and is sincerely appreciated. Your support represents your satisfaction with Saint Paul’s and its mission.

Saint Paul’s School needs financial assistance beyond tuition to continue the school’s proven tradition of educational excellence and to sustain the Lasallian mission. The proceeds go into the operating budget and are immediately used in the areas of greatest need (i.e., technology, pre-engineering program, bio-medical sciences program, classroom improvements, building renovations and maintenance, financial assistance, and restricted gifts such as Robotics and Shell Eco-Marathon Car).

Event Sponsors

Event Sponsors: Individuals and / or businesses can help sponsor particular events: Oktoberfest, Alumni Golf Tournament, the Five Core Meal, or Sports Programs.

Memorials and Scholarships

A gift of any amount may be made to Saint Paul’s School in memory or in honor of another person. Contributions are tax deductible and arrangements are finalized in accordance with the wishes of the donor.

Matching Gifts

More than 6,000 parents companies, subsidiaries and corporate foundations in the United States currently match their employees’ gifts to non-profit organizations such as Saint Paul’s School. If your company matches charitable gifts, your employer will provide you with the necessary form to send in with your gift.

Other Types of Gifts

Planned Giving: because Planned Giving gifts are of such a size that they are not given spontaneously, they require “planning” and often are transmitted to Saint Paul’s School through a legal instrument such as a will or trust.  Planned Giving is an integral part of Saint Paul’s comprehensive and balanced development program.  Planned Giving includes wills and bequests, endowment funds, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and donor advised funds. The Office of Development will be happy to assist you in matters of planned giving.

Endowment Fund Gifts: Endowment Fund gifts guarantee the long-term viability of the school by providing an ongoing source of funds for academic programs, tuition assistance, capital improvements, and for retaining highly qualified faculty and staff.

Gifts-In-Kind:  Gifts of equipment, furniture, or services relieve pressure on school budgets by providing needed resources without requiring capital outlay from the school

Pro Bono Gifts:  Gifts of time and talent provide the school with expert professional services at little or no cost.

Restricted Gifts and Grants:  These donations are restricted by the donor to a specific department or program.

Tuition Assistance Gifts: These funds allow individuals to attend Saint Paul’s School by providing tuition aid to families in need.  The donor may set criteria.


Please contact the Development Office for questions at 985-892-3200 ext 1970 or development@stpauls.com