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Friedman Memorial Veterans Plaque

In 2012, at the bequest and generosity of the estate of Mr. Harry G. Friedman Class of 1933, a memorial plaque was designed and hung in the Eastern hallway in the lobby of LaSalle Hall. It was dedicated to the Memory of Mr. Harry Friedman and that of his brother, USA Lt. Col. Joseph Bernard Friedman, St. Paul’s College 1935.  Additional language on the plaque is as follows: “Honoring the memory of all the St. Paul’s Alumni who practiced the values learned at St. Paul’s by their patriotic service in the United States Military.”

Nearly 200 Alumni are presently represented on the plaque which resides in the hallway of

La Salle Hall adjacent to our current ROTC classroom. The plaque is updated annually following Veterans Day as we continue to honor those Alumni who have so bravely served our country.

To view a list of those Alumni Veterans currently represented on the Friedman Memorial Veterans Plaque, click HERE. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Alumni Director, Al Nastasi at aln@stpauls.com or 985 892-3200 ext 1271.