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Alumni Reunions

2022 Reunion Weekend

Friday, April 8th – Sunday, April 10th


For the past several years, the Saint Paul’s Alumni Department has linked Reunion Weekend to the Crawfish Cook- Off while fostering involvement from the formal Reunion Classes as well as the retention attendance of past Reunion Classes.

This year’s venue is set for Saturday, April 9, 2022. Reserved seating will be offered to all alumni who are having their formal Class Reunion that weekend (Classes ending in a 2 or a 7) For detailed information, visit our Crawfish Cook-off webpage by clicking http://www.spscco.com/.

Several Classes have elected to join us for this year’s event in addition to having other plans for Reunion Weekend, while some classes have found other dates to be more conducive to planning, and other classes are still a work in progress.  For further information on all Reunion Classes, please see the list of contacts below, or feel free to contact aln@stpauls.com  at any time.  Many thanks to all of these men who have generously given of their time in planning for their reunions and to all of the alumni who are planning to attend.

1952 – Please contact  Al Nastasi at aln@stpauls.com.

1962 – Friday, April 8,  Saturday, April 9, Crawfish Cook-Off  Please contact  Irwin Pugh at irwin@1stinflowers.com.

1972 – (50 years – “The Golden Jubilarians”) – There will be a special Assembly on campus  Friday April 8, 2022 mid day honoring  the Class of ’72 in conjunction with an Alumni Pinning of the Class of 2022. Further, festivities are underway for the April 8 and for the Cook-Off on April 9. Please contact Mark Richards at marksrichards54@gmail.com.

1982–Plans are being discussed. For more information contact Lt Col Jerry Brumfield at jerrybrumfield@cox.net.

1991– Friday, April 8, at the Seiler Patio,  Saturday, April 9, Crawfish Cook-Off.  Please contact  Al Nastasi at aln@stpauls.com.

1992– Friday, April 8 at Beau Chene Country Club, Saturday, April 9 at the Crawfish Cook-Off.  Please contact John Curren at johngcurren@gmail.com.

1997–. Friday, April 8, at the Saint Ann Wine Bar, Saturday, April 9, Crawfish Cook-Off.  Please contact  Donald Peltier at dlp1088@aol.com.

2002– Saturday, June 11, 2022 from 7-10 pm at the Southern Hotel.  Please contact Ben Boyce at boyce7151@gmail.com.

2007 – Plans are underway. For more information, please contact Clay Harvin at clay@medwastemgmt.net.

“For the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack and the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf!”– Rudyard Kipling.

If you do not see your class represented or for more information, call Al Nastasi at the Alumni Office at 985-892-3200 ext. 1971.

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