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Alumni Reunions

2020 Alumni Reunion Weekend

Friday, April 3 – Sunday, April 5


Join us for an opportunity to not only reconnect and reunite with your immediate classmates but with many other members of the Saint Paul’s community at large while attending an awesome event in our Annual Crawfish Cook-Off which is set for Saturday, April 4, 2020.  Several classes have expressed an interest in joining us for this year’s event in addition to making other plans for Reunion Weekend, while some classes may find other dates to be more conducive to planning.  For further information on all Reunion Classes, please contact aln@stpauls.com  at any time or any of your classmates listed below.  


1955 (65 years) –   Please contact George Naquin at gdnaquin@bellsouth.net

1960 (60 years) – Please contact Paul Cashio at paulcashio589@gmail.com

1965 (55 years) – Please contact Bob Penick at bpenick@latterblum.com

1970 (50 years – “The Golden Jubilarians”) – There will be a special assembly on Friday April 3, 2020 mid day honoring  the Class of ’70 in conjunction with an Alumni Pinning of the Class of 2020.  Please contact Andy Leblanc at afleblanc@bellsouth.net  or Henry Fransen at  henry.fransen@gmail.com

1975 (45 years) –Please contact Warren Illing at warren_illing@yahoo.com or Bayne Million at bmillion@wenbg.com

1980 (40 years) – Please contact Shawn Skinner at shawnskinner007@yahoo.com

1985 (35 years) –Please contact Wayne Mayberry at ewaynemay3@yahoo.com

1990 (30 years) – Please contact Bryan Billiot at bryan@billiotpest.com

1995 (25 years) – Please contact Ray Sutherlin at ray@sutherlinmarketing.com

2000 (20 years) – Please contact Rhett Briggs at rhettbriggs@icloud.com,  Perry Williams at pwilli1@gmail.com ,Ted Guillot at t.guillot@gmail.com ,Colin Shea  at colincshea@gmail.com ,Ross Molina at  rossmolina@gmail.com ,Patrick Maher at patricmaher@gmail.com or John Alford at jsalford@gmail.com.

2005 (15 years) – Please contact Kyle Wiedemann at kyle.m.wiedemann@gmail.com

2010 (10 years) –  Please contact Al Nastasi at aln@stpauls.com

2015 (5 years) – Please contact Josh Nunez at jnune13@lsu.edu


“For the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack and the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf!”– Rudyard Kipling.

For more information, call Al Nastasi at the Alumni Office at 985-892-3200 ext. 1971.

Please check back for updates!




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