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Financial Assistance

Tuition Assistance

Saint John Baptist de La Salle founded the Brothers of the Christian Schools to conduct schools for the children of the working class and the poor. De La Salleʼs schools became so successful, however, that soon even affluent parents wanted their children to enroll in the Christian Brothers Schools. De La Salle welcomed these students but always insisted that his schools be accessible to all.

Our Lasallian Mission thus mandates that we continue this tradition of accessibility, and Saint Paulʼs strives to make a Christian Brothersʼ education accessible to all young men. To do so, and following the wishes of the Founder, the school provides tuition assistance to a number of families in our community.

All financial aid at Saint Paul’s School is need-based.  The only exceptions to this are the small monetary awards attached to a limited number of end of year major awards, e.g. Superior Achievement Award, Daren Boudreaux Memorial Scholarship, Walker Percy Memorial Scholarship, etc.

To apply for need-based financial aid, parents must file with FACTS, an on-line national financial aid assessment program.  Parents provide information, FACTS calculates a recommended need-based award, and the school’s Board of Trustees determines whether the school can meet the FACTS recommendation.  Factors such as academics and behavior are considered.

As per Louisiana State High School Athletic Association rules, financial assistance is totally unrelated to a student’s athletic interest, potential or performance.

Parents may begin the FACTS application process in March for the following school year.  Applications should be completed by April 15.  While there is no maximum amount of aid given, everyone is expected to pay something. Although everyone pays something, some families need more financial help than others. Each year our requests for tuition assistance increase and some requests remain unfunded.

For more information about tuition assistance, contact President Brother Ray Bulliard, FSC at 985-892-3200 ext 1901.