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Alumni Trivia Night2021-08-24T10:50:33-05:00

Trivia Nights

Do you remember the relatively fraternal definition of plot?  Who fought in the Peloponnesian War? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen Swallow? Were you paying attention in class? 

In an effort to further reach our Alumni while fostering a friendly spirit of competition and the potential to appeal to all ages, Saint Paul’s Trivia Night was born on October 24,2017. 

Prove you still have what it takes, start preparing, get your team together, and join us as host Andrew Dart, faculty member and ’03 alumnus, tests your general knowledge in a grueling display of academic prowess.


Please check back for future event dates or contact Al Nastasi at aln@stpauls for more details.

December 12, 2018




December 19, 2017


First Place: Connor McCarthy ’17, Andrew Lambert ’17, Thomas Rovira ’17, Max Tepper ’17
Second Place:  John Curren ’92, Chad Danenhower ’92, Mace Bourgeois ’92, Robert Barkerding ’92
Third Place: Eric Bissell, Bruce Alexius ’66, and Jim Heap ’66

Host Andrew Dart ’03, Eric Bissell, Bruce Alexius ’66, Connor McCarthy ’17,
Thomas Rovira ’17, Andrew Lambert ’17, Jim Heap ’66, Bam Barreiro ’17, Ruston Keller ’17,
Beau Monteiro ’17, Max Tepper ’17, Chad Danenhower ’92, Mace Bourgeois ’92,
Thomas Domingues ’12, Robert Barkerding ’92, John  Kenney ’12 , John Curren ’92,
Ben Kenney ’14,  Jay Simoneaux ’14, Jared Simoneaux ’16,and Sean Conaghan ’13

October 24, 2017

Pictured above are players Robert Simpson ’88, Robert Heap ’12, Reid Andrus ’12,
Tim Pearce ’12, Jim Heap ’66, Eric Bissell, Jack Dyer ’66, and Dale Oriol ’66.