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Lasallian Youth Leaders



Lasallian Youth Leaders study, analyze, and then put the Five Core Principles which embody the vision of Saint John Baptist De La Salle into action, forming an association of faith, service, and community. From Brother Alfred Service Days to student-led training presentations on the Five Core Principles to retreat facilitation to welcoming 8th graders to training sessions with Dr. Suzette Bryan, a communications management specialist, LYL’s immerse themselves in learning what it means to be a leader and how to put that knowledge into action.

LYL’s facilitated retreats, developed and carried out school liturgies, performed service, raised funds for their projects, and networked with other Lasallian schools.  The organization is a movement in our school in which St. Paul’s students are asked to step out of their comfort zones and offer their gifts of self in response to the call to “Rise Up!”

Mission Statement
To provide a positive role model in the school community in the areas of Faith, Community, and Service.

Deepen understanding of what it means to be Lasallian
Educate the school community on the Five Core Principles
Provide opportunities for growth in faith
Develop an attitude of service
Strengthen and enhance individual giftedness
Reinforce importance of relationships

The major activities of the group include the orientation and Five Core Rally for the 8th graders,   the facilitation of the 8th and 9th grade retreats, and to plan and produce the Founders Week activities, including Field Day.