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Senior Spotlights – Class of 2018

As the Class of 2018 approaches graduation, we would like to highlight a few Seniors that embody and embrace our Lasallian principles and have stood out among their peers. Their paths will lead them from ivy league to trade schools, military training to community service careers, service missions to collegiate sports team, but they are all taking their Lasallian formation with them into the outside world. Saint Paul’s Forevermore!

Grant Hughes

Senior Grant Hughes says he could name a million things he’s gained from his years at Saint Paul’s School, including the value of hard work, the importance of faith, and the gift of lifelong friends.  He knows all graduates miss being here, but says he will miss EVERYTHING about St. Paul’s.  This fall Grant plans to study Business at Samford University on the Presidential Scholarship and get involved in several extra-curricular activities to further grow his faith, which grew exponentially while studying at Saint Paul’s School.  “Faith in the Presence of God has shaped me the most out of the Lasallian Core Principles. If we are all able to achieve this, the rest will follow!”

As the team captain for the wrestling team, Coach Ketelsen says that Grant was a consummate leader both on and off the mat. He led every practice, supported the coaching staff, helped develop the younger team members, and had ‘players only’ meetings with students who were struggling in wrestling or in school.  “He won 4 individual championships and was in the finals of 3 more.  But more than that, he was THE example, THE ANCHOR, and he always answered the call to help, gave everything he had for the team, and never let us down,” says Ketelsen.

Grant says, “I am living the Lasallian Mission by striving to carry myself in a happy mindset while imitating Christ every day.”  We know Grant will continue to shine his light of faith as an example for others to follow on his journey.  We wish him much success and happiness.





Kyle Schmitt

The best description of Senior Kyle Schmitt would be Renaissance Man.  Winner of the C.L. Marcotte Award for best-student athlete and the Christian Brothers’ Provincial Award for the student who demonstrates his personal best in using the talents given to him by God, Kyle encompasses all of the qualities we encourage all of our students to find within themselves, including a strong work ethic, compassion, dedication, loyalty, and faith.  

When Kyle isn’t working towards success in the classroom or on the soccer field, he is interning with Greenleaf Lawson Architects and helping with the design and renovation of Benilde Hall.  Counselor Renee Miller says, “Despite Kyle’s ultra-busy schedule, he will still find time to check in on some of the underclassmen to make sure they are doing well here at St. Paul’s School because he really cares about their journey too.” 

Kyle will be attending Louisiana State University to study architecture and construction management. When asked what he treasures most about his time at St. Paul’s, he replied, “I am appreciative to Saint Paul’s for challenging me and providing a myriad of opportunities, but most importantly for their guiding hand to help form me as a Lasallian Man: a Man of Faith, a Man of Service, and a Man for Others.”

We know Kyle will find success on his journey as he continues to live out our Lasallian mission.  St. Paul’s FOREVERMORE!



Forge Mathes

After graduation Forge will study either bio-engineering or biochemistry at LSU in Baton Rouge on a LSU Stamps scholarship, which not only covers full cost of attendance but also a research and study abroad stipend.  According to his teachers, “Forge blends an inexhaustible curiosity with an incisive intellect, using both to investigate things in a determined and energetic fashion that few can match,” and “Forge has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He loves learning about new things and soaks everything up like a sponge.”  It’s no wonder Forge was named one of the valedictorians of his class.

Forge says he is passionate about the Lasallian principle of concern for the poor and social justice, which is one of the motivations for him to do research in college and potentially help those in need. “We tend to think about this principle as charity and service, but beyond that it’s standing up for what is right. I think that’s really important,” says Forge.  “At Saint Paul’s, I learned how to be part of something greater than myself.”

Forge also enjoyed growing up together and by association with students and faculty.  He was most influenced by science teacher Bradley Bessetti, who “was able to spark my interest in biology, which has contributed to my choice in major, through his passionate and interesting presentation of concepts, the personal relationship he formed with his class, and the study skills his class taught me without which I wouldn’t have made it through high school,” says Forge.

The future is bright for Forge and we know his success will be many as he continues to live out our Lasallian mission.  St. Paul’s FOREVERMORE!


Carson Caulfield

Student Council Vice President Carson Caulfield will be attending Samford University in the fall to study both Mass Communications and Biology. “I chose Samford University because of the inclusive community that is evident on their campus, much like it is on our campus. I tend to incorporate the Lasallian Mission into my life as often as I can, putting my service to God, and God’s plan for my life, in the driver’s seat.”

Carson says that the fine men of the religion department have shaped him as a person while at St. Paul’s.  “I remember classes when Carson would start making the most outlandish and hilarious jokes one minute, and in the next he would make incredibly insightful comments about the subject we were discussing. He has an innate and rare ability to exercise his incredible wit and sense of humor, and then easily switch gears and put those gifts to use in a profoundly intellectual way,” says teacher Roger Bacon.

Carson has been awarded the Al Neuharth Free Spirit Scholarship, which is given to one single student journalist from each state every year. “Carson has easily been the most prolific student journalist that I have worked with,” says Christi Simoneaux. “His leadership and passion for journalism and ‘all things St. Paul’s’ has helped our news team expand our coverage in new and interesting ways. His desire to continually raise the bar has made us all better at what we do.”

We know Carson will continue to shine his light on the guiding principles of our Lasallian mission as he continues his journey.  St. Paul’s FOREVERMORE!

Hanson Stuckey

Few young men have both the talent and the inclination for service, but it is obvious–and endlessly admirable–that honor graduate Hanson Stuckey has both.  According to senior religion teacher Roger Bacon, “Hanson possesses a keen and incisive intellect, paired with a genuine curiosity and desire to learn and wisdom beyond his years; however, he has nobly chosen to put his academic and personal advancement on hold to make use of those God-given gifts in the service of others.”

After he graduates, instead of going to college, Hanson is moving to India to volunteer with the Missionaries of Charity–the order of sisters started by Mother Theresa. After that year, he will attend Boise State to continue his education. When asked about his time at St. Paul’s School, Hanson replies, “Throughout my time at St. Paul’s I learned many valuable lessons that prepared me to be confident in taking this journey. One thing that I will forever miss about St. Paul’s is the brotherhood I shared with my classmates. Although it may sound cheesy, I can honestly say that I loved everyone in my grade and in the grades surrounding mine. Not many people can say that about their high school.”

We are so proud of Hanson and his passion for social justice, inclusive community, and concern for the poor.  We pray for his continued success as he lives out our Lasallian mission on his journey.


Christian Harrison

Christian Harrison is an all-around standout student.  Next year he will be an Honors Fellow at Elon University in North Carolina. Christian was very engaged during his time at St. Paul’s, holding an internship at the District Attorney’s Office, playing on the basketball team, serving as Eucharistic Minister, and was a member of several honor organizations and various clubs, all while keeping his GPA above a 4.00 and earning a 31 composite on the ACT.

According to his teachers, Christian has a keen interest in what is going on in the world. He was always ready to discuss current events, nationally as well as internationally, trying to gather as much information as he could before coming to his own conclusions, but in a way that was open to hearing opinions of those whose beliefs or experiences differed from his own.  He truly embodies what it means to be a Lasallian and making the world better together and by association.

We pray for Christian’s continued success as he continues to be a beacon of faith and hope on his journey.  St. Paul’s FOREVERMORE! 

Matthew Borgatti

Meet Matthew Borgatti, a standout member of the Class of 2018 that will attend LSU in the fall to study mechanical engineering.  Matthew’s resume reads like a Who’s Who among high school students.  He is one of the class valedictorians, has a 4.5 GPA, scored a 34 on the ACT exam and was recently named a National Merit Finalist.  He also played on the golf team during his time at St. Paul’s, served as a Eucharistic minister during his senior year, and was very involved in our school community.  Matthew was also nominated by St. Paul’s as our Archdiocesan Student of the Year.

According to one of our school counselors, “What really distinguishes Matthew from others is his sense of wonder.  He has a unique sense of optimism about everyone around him.  He has the ability to see the possibilities that are in the world around him and appreciates his opportunity to make a difference.  He is a humble young man who, despite his youth, really understands his ability to facilitate a change in his world.  Gandhi tells us to ‘Be the change we want to see in the world!’  Matthew LIVES that axiom.”

We pray for Matthew’s continued success and are excited about his passion for changing the world through our Lasallian mission.  St. Paul’s FOREVERMORE!

Landon Chambliss

For the past four years, if you saw the Marching Wolves going down Canal Street or performing on the football field, you probably saw Landon Chambliss playing his trumpet and dancing to the music. Landon credits Saint Paul’s and the band for teaching him “to put 110% effort into everything you do” and bringing him closer to his faith.  According to Band Director Andrew Moran, “Landon is kind and soft spoken but also has a quiet strength about him that is palpable when you are in his presence.”  

According to his teachers, Landon not only willingly receives the quality education that St. Paul’s provides, but he seeks to go beyond the surface and explore new depths of understanding through engaging in meaningful conversation with his peers as well as asking the poignant questions that others may hesitate to ask in the classroom.  Whenever asked about his plans for the future, Landon states, “I don’t have the slightest idea what I want to do, but I know the lessons I learned at Saint Paul’s and God will lead me towards the right decision.”  That’s our core principle of Faith in Presence of God in action.

Next year, Landon will be attending Southeastern Louisiana University on scholarship and plans on majoring in social studies education.   We wish him continued success as he continues on his journey.  St. Paul’s FOREVERMORE!

Colin Quinlan

Meet Colin Quinlan, whose commitment to his faith makes his college decision a slam dunk.  According to Colin, “After graduation, I plan to attend Franciscan University of Steubenville, major in English, and play basketball.”  Colin believes that his time at St. Paul’s has helped him deepen his Catholic faith and develop his work ethic more than he could have ever imagined possible.  What does Colin say about leaving St. Paul’s for Steubenville, Ohio?  “I will certainly miss the positive environment and brotherhood of St. Paul’s once I graduate.” 

Colin is also an exemplary student athlete. Not only does Colin perform at a high level on the basketball court, he works hard to maintain a 4.12 GPA in the classroom.

We wish Colin the best on his journey and hope he knows he will always be part of the brotherhood that is so vital to our alumni in continuing to live out the Lasallian mission of St. Paul’s School.  St. Paul’s FOREVERMORE!

Patrick Guidry

How many students can say their career began two days after taking their last exam at St. Paul’s School? 

Patrick Guidry can because that’s when he began training to become a professional firefighter as a member of St Tammany Parish’s most recent class of recruits.  He will graduate from firefighter school just in time to begin the fall semester at LSU on a scholarship.  Patrick plans to major in Emergency Preparedness, and, while in college, work weekends and holidays for the fire department.  According to Patrick, “My desire to become a firefighter began when I was a child and has constantly been reinforced by the Lasallian principles that I learned at St. Paul’s, especially concern for those in need and respect for all persons. “ Patrick has received the Order of St. La Salle Service Award every year he has been enrolled at St. Paul’s, due in large part to his volunteer service with the City of Covington Fire Department.  Patrick reports, “I will have very little free time this summer but feel blessed to be able to follow my dream.” 

On a Shadow Day a year or two ago, a group was touring the counseling office when Patrick walked through. The senior in charge immediately interrupted what he was saying to point out to his group, “You are in the presence of a real hero.” He proceeded to explain to the young fellows that as a St. Paul’s student, Patrick worked for the fire department. He told them how Patrick volunteered his time and energies on a weekly basis to help others. The respect and admiration this upperclassman showed for Patrick was evident and quickly spread to the faces of his young charges. Patrick, noticeably blushing, accepted this praise silently and humbly.

We are so proud of Patrick and wish him well on his journey.  St. Paul’s FOREVERMORE!