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Mothers’ Club Overview

2020-2021 Executive Board

President- Tracewell Hanrahan, tracewell.hanrahan@gmail.com, 504-722-6526
Past President – Elizabeth Klocek, elizabethklocek@gmail.com, 504-432-4015
1st Vice President -Kimberly Crawford, kimberlycraw@att.net, 985-630-6414
2nd Vice President – Lori Kilgore, lori_kilgore@bellsouth.net, 985-778-3880
Corresponding Secretary – Robbie Slaton, robslaton@att.net, 504-491-9258
Recording Secretary – Mandy Mott, mjmott23@att.net, 985-630-2620
Treasurer -Traci Shaw, tracishaw@charter.net, 504-512-1971
Bookstore Officers- Amanda Rushing, aarray@mac.com, 985-373-3193
                            and Emily Achee, emdale@hotmail.com, 985-373-0068

Email the Mothers’ Club at mothersclub@stpauls.com.

The Saint Paul’s Mothers’ Club, through its numerous committees, is responsible for coordinating many of the on-campus events that reinforce the Five Core Principles of St. John Baptist de la Salle, the foundation of each student’s education. This volunteer organization works in partnership with the president, principal, faculty and other school organizations. The Mothers’ Club organizes and funds social activities and provides parent volunteers. Parents, faculty, and students working together create a community at Saint Paul’s rich in tradition and success.

Every mother who has a son attending Saint Paul’s School, or who has graduated from Saint Paul’s School, is a member. Some of the activities the Mothers’ Club manages are:



Brother’s Christmas Dinner
Challenge Night
Christmas Luminaries

Day of Recollection
Dove Market
8th Grade Graduation Reception
Grandparents’ Day

Missions Collections
Mother/Son Dinner
New Mom’s Wine and Cheese Social
Office Help
Senior Graduation Reception
Senior Breakfast
St. Joseph’s Altar

Student Snack Days

Teacher Appreciation


In addition, the Mothers’ Club provides volunteers for:

Alumni Golf Tournament

Jazz ‘N Roll

Celebrity Dinner



For more information, email your questions to mothersclub@stpauls.com.