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Academic Supports

The Student Services Office works to facilitate the process of academic support for students with disabilities. The supports and adjustments that are provided at St. Paul’s School are determined on an individual basis after review of a student’s educational evaluation. To request supports parents should contact Mrs. Amanda Duplantier at a.duplantier@stpauls.com or extension 1943 to learn more about the initial process and instructions for submitting appropriate documentation.  Once a student has an Academic Adjustment Plan established it will follow the student from year to year.


Medical Concerns

There are times when students may have medical conditions that the teachers and staff should be made aware of. If your student has a current medical condition that you believe the teachers need to be made aware of please contact Mrs. Duplantier. With doctor’s documentation we can share with teachers the necessary information that may help them when working with your student.


Temporary Medical Accommodations

If a student has an injury that is non-permanent (concussion, injury requiring crutches, cast, wheelchair, etc.), temporary support can be put into place to help the student adjust. Some temporary supports may include a caddy pass to receive assistance carrying school materials or temporary adjustments in the classroom. To begin this process please contact Mrs. Duplantier and have a copy of the doctor’s documentation regarding the injury and limitations.


ACT Special Testing

If a student has a documented disability they may be eligible for ACT testing accommodations. ACT accommodations are different from the in class supports students may receive. ACT evaluates a variety of medical and school documents to determine if a student is eligible for ACT accommodations. All requests for ACT accommodations must be requested by the ACT set deadlines.

Please click on this link to learn more about ACT accommodations and directions for registering for accommodations.

Please be advised that Special Testing at Saint Paul’s is offered during the following ACT approved testing windows below. Students will be tested during their elective periods as available. Students will receive a copy of their testing schedule and must report to the assigned room at the appropriate date and time.


September 11-September 26, 2021

October 23-November 7, 2021

December 11-December 26, 2021—SENIORS ONLY—Testing will be during Exams, speak with Mrs. Duplantier prior to registration.

February 12-February 27, 2022

April 2-April 17, 2022

Summer Dates–Please speak to Mrs. Duplantier prior to registration
June 11-June 26, 2022
July 16-July 31, 2022