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Lasallian Coordinator Welcome

Jeff RamonJeff Ramon ’08  

We, as a Lasallian Catholic institution, concern ourselves with the spiritual and social-emotional development of the students entrusted to us. We indicate importance of following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and St. John Baptist de La Salle to grow in our relationship with our neighbor and with God.  In all our Lasallian Ministries initiatives, we acknowledge and respect all stances on faith and work to support all of our students in their faith development.

Liturgies (Masses)

Once a month, the entire school community attends a whole-school liturgy. Liturgies are commonly aligned with holy days of obligation of the liturgical year, but we also take the opportunity to celebrate liturgies in the context of special events and feasts in the liturgical year such as Founder’s Week, the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, International Lasallian Days of Peace, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, and the Feast of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Any non-St. Paul’s faculty, staff, or student wishing to attend a St. Paul’s liturgy is welcome to attend and should contact the Campus Ministry office (x3100).


As part of the religion classes, students participate in smaller-setting prayer every first Friday of each month as well as each religion class period during the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent. Like Masses, religion classes hold prayer in the chapel for other special occasions or in the event of a specific intention for prayers.

Remembering that we are always “in the Holy presence of God” is a necessary part of our Lasallian Catholic tradition. In upholding this, students engage in prayer at the beginning of the day, the beginning and during each class period, and at the end of the school day. The prayers for each of these instances can be found in the St. Paul’s Student-Parent Handbook (page 33).


In keeping with Jesus’ example and with the Five Core Principles of a Lasallian  Catholic Education, we require each student to accomplish and enjoy 10 hours of service each year with our Serve Ten program. We see this as an opportunity for our students to reach out “beyond the arch” and into our greater community.  This opportunity requires service towards the less fortunate and marginalized of our southeast Louisiana community (and in many cases beyond that!) We stress the importance of service to those in need. In the same way that Jesus Christ and St. John Baptist de La Salle recognized needs in the poor and vulnerable, we too are called to respond to the needs of the poor and vulnerable of our community. For more information regarding the Serve Ten program, please visit the “service” tab of the Campus Ministry sidebar.


In conjunction with the Lasallian network’s “Twinning” program, hold weekly collections in the beginning of the school day on Wednesday to help benefit St. Paul’s School in Marsabit, Kenya. We also hold our annual “Wolf Jam” concert to showcase the amazing musical talents of our St. Paul’s student body as well as to help benefit San Miguel High School is Tuscon, Arizona. For more information on Missions, please visit the “missions” tab under the Campus Ministry side bar.


Students at St. Paul’s attend a retreat day each school year. All retreats are scheduled for the 2015-16 academic year are scheduled in the Spring semester. Attending retreats at St. Paul’s is unlike any other retreat experience. The retreat program follows our school’s paradigm and the needs of students at each grade level with the culminating retreat event being the three-day experience we simple call “Senior Retreat” usually held in early January. At these retreats, students not only grow in their relationship with God, but also plant, grow, and maintain bonds with their fellow brothers they are shaping the St. Paul’s experience with.

Student Organizations and Initiatives

We offer several means to get involved with Lasallian Ministries at St. Paul’s: Liturgical Band, Lasallian Youth Leaders, Eucharistic Ministers, Wolves for Life, Altar Servers, Rosary Club, Pillar faith group (in conjunction with our sister school, St. Scholastica Academy), and many more. Even if students are not part of a campus ministry-specific organization, all student organizations revolve around the Five Core Principles of a Lasallian Catholic Education, so faith building, community, and service are a large part of those organizations and the St. Paul’s Community as a whole.

If you have any questions or comments about out Lasallian Ministries at St. Paul’s School, please contact the Campus Ministry office (x3100) or e-mail Jeffrey Ramon (j.ramon@stpauls.com).

Live Jesus in our Hearts! … Forever!


Jeffrey Ramon ’08
Campus Minister
St. Paul’s School