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Alumni Profiles

Since 1911, thousands of young men have been blessed to call Saint Paul’s School home. In association with our Centennial Celebration of the arrival of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1918, we have implemented a New Alumni Profile Feature.  Please take a look and check back monthly as we introduce  some of the many faces of  our brothers and members of the Pack which have been woven into the alumni fabric that has helped to make Saint Paul’s a good place to grow up for generations.

Alumni Profile (February 2018) – Craig Paretti ’93

Class of 1993

Saint Paul’s School Alumni Profile

Education: BSBA in Marketing from Drake University in 1997  

Family: Married to Melissa Marth Paretti and celebrating 20 years in 2018. Mary SSA ’21, CJ SPS ’21 and Trent SPS ‘22

Occupation: President of The Paretti Family of Dealerships Jaguar – Land Rover – Mazda in Metairie and Baton Rouge


What do you value most about your Saint Paul’s education and experience?

Brotherhood. It is something that can’t be explained and must be experienced. I still have so many strong relationships with my fellow classmates as well as teachers.

Do you have any other family members currently attending or who have attended Saint Paul’s?

I have two sons presently attending Saint Paul’s. Trent ’22 is a pre-freshmen, and CJ ’21 is a freshmen. My nephew, Larry is a member of the Class of 2018

Who was your favorite or most impactful teacher?

This question is almost unfair to answer as I don’t have enough fingers to count. If I must pick, then Trevor Watkins. He pushed me to always excel and to enjoy successes. I truly enjoy seeing so many of my teachers dedicating themselves to Saint Paul’s. I hope they know how much I appreciate their guidance and friendship over the years. Let this be my moment to thank them all from the bottom of my heart. Our students are very lucky.

What advice would you give to current students or young alumni?

Make the most of your time at Saint Paul’s. Force yourself to try that new group or sport. Facing your fears is what makes you a better man. You will be surprised to meet so many more friends and brothers. 

Why do you continue to support the Saint the Saint Paul’s mission?

I look at my life path and owe so much to Saint Paul’s. Saint Paul’s helped me pursue an education quite far from home and definitely outside of my comfort zone. I’ll never forget beginning my 18 hour drive to college with sweaty palms and a huge knot in my stomach but then as I hit I-55 North, there was a strange sense of calm. The confidence and determination learned at Saint Paul’s to succeed guided me.  I thank God every day for that choice as I would have never met my wife and had 3 beautiful children.

In what ways do you continue to be involved with Saint Paul’s at this phase of your life?

Jazz & Roll has always been a favorite. We have sponsored the event for many years but 2017 was our last. We are moving our support to facility improvements and look forward to seeing an updated Benilde Hall.

Why would you encourage young men to consider attending Saint Paul’s?

A Saint Paul’s man walks and talks differently. You can see a sense of compassion and faith  in his eyes matched with knowledge and confidence.