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Outdoor Track & Field


Track and Field is one of the world’s oldest organized sports and according to some historians was the first and only physically based event at the initial Olympic Festival in 776 BC. With fifteen individual events allowing two entries from each school and three relays of four participants in each relay, Track and Field potentially has up to forty performance opportunities available.

Track and field is a sport of tradition, and Saint Paul’s School is certainly one of tradition. We have made many strides in regard to restoring what “once was” in our program, and we still have a stagger or two to make up. Please join us in support of this great sport which through the individual/ team dynamic epitomizes the familiar Kipling quote, “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

We have an indoor season that runs from December to early February, and the outdoor season that runs from late January to April or May depending upon competitive qualifying.


Coaching Staff


Level Head Coach Phone # Email
Varsity Al Nastasi III ’91
985-892-3200 ext. 1971 aln@stpauls.com
Junior Varsity Al Nastasi III ’91
985-892-3200 ext. 1971 aln@stpauls.com





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