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Mission Collection

In 1995, the United States and Toronto Districts launched a region-wide Twinning Program to financially assist the Lwanga District in Africa and enable it to achieve self-sufficiency in the long-term.

Twinning partners each Lasallian school in the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) with a Lasallian school in the Lwanga District, which includes the countries of Kenya, Nigeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia and South Africa. The annual Twinning appeal provides for the educational needs of African students who are economically poor or even without families. Financial contributions from students in RELAN schools are used to cover the cost of educating students in their respective twin schools in Africa. This includes tuition, teacher salaries, building/maintenance expenses, purchase of books and school supplies, including board and lodging.

Saint Paul’s School is currently in a twinning partnership with Saint Paul’s School in Marsabit, Kenya.  Every Wednesday morning during announcements in first period the students generously contribute to the educational needs of our partner in Africa. Each school year, Saint Paul’s in Covington attempts to donate $10,000 to our partner.

Mission collection for Saint Paul’s students begins in September and is held every Wednesday thereafter. For more information about Saint Paul’s School in Marsabit, click HERE.