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Profile of a Saint Paul’s Alumnus

The Saint Paul’s alumnus lives the Five Core Principles which are the cornerstone of Lasallian Education:

  • Quality Education
  • Concern for the Poor and Social Justice
  • Inclusive Community
  • Respect for All Persons
  • Faith in the Presence of God

The Saint Paul’s alumnus has garnered educational experiences that will help him move more seamlessly into adulthood. Because he understands that learning never ceases, he will continue to grow intellectually throughout his life.

The Saint Paul’s alumnus understands service to his community and beyond. He willingly gives his time for the betterment of others, namely the marginalized. Furthermore, he champions social justice because he believes in the dignity of all persons.

The Saint Paul’s alumnus advocates for equity and equality to encourage building a community that is unapologetically inclusive.

The Saint Paul’s alumnus looks at the world and its citizens through an unbiased lens. He is respectful of all persons and sees the unity that must exist in diversity.

The Saint Paul’s alumnus has grown in his faith and models not only being a disciple of Christ but also a Lasallian who understands the never-ending spiritual journey that he has just begun. He will always acknowledge and celebrate the Holy Presence of God.

All in all, the Saint Paul’s alumnus is a Lasallian man of faith who embodies the Five Core Principles and continues to mature  intellectually, spiritually, and morally beyond commencement and habitually exhibits integrity and dependability as he does the ordinary extraordinarily well.