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Preliminary 2019 Parade Schedule


Date Parade Location Report
2/22 Fri Eve Mandeville TBD 7:00 PM
2/23 Sat Olympia Covington TBD 6:00 PM
2/24 Sun Carrollton Uptown New Orleans TBD 12:00 PM
3/1 Fri Hermes Uptown New Orleans TBD 6:00 PM
3/2 Sat Endymion Mid-City New Orleans TBD 4:15 PM
3/3 Sun Bacchus Uptown New Orleans TBD 5:15 PM
3/5 Tue Zulu Uptown New Orleans TBD 8:00 AM


NOTE:  This preliminary parade schedule is based on previous year’s participation.  Specific Mardi Gras parade schedule and participation is subject to change.