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Preliminary 2018 Parade Schedule


Date Parade Location Report
2/2 Fri Eve Mandeville TBD 7:00 PM
2/3 Sat Olympia Covington TBD 6:00 PM
2/4 Sun Carrollton Uptown New Orleans TBD 12:00 PM
2/9 Fri Hermes Uptown New Orleans TBD 6:00 PM
2/10 Sat Endymion Mid-City New Orleans TBD 4:15 PM
2/11 Sun Bacchus Uptown New Orleans TBD 5:15 PM
2/13 Tue Zulu Uptown New Orleans TBD 8:00 AM


NOTE:  This preliminary parade schedule is based on previous year’s participation.  Specific Mardi Gras parade schedule and participation is subject to change.  Also, the Marching Wolves have historically been invited to participate in the Endymion Den Event, which is typically scheduled on the Saturday two weeks before the Endymion parade.